Production & Logistics

Working with manufacturing and supply chain management usually means being subject to complex flows. Optimization of the supply chain with the right products in stock, minimization of waste by applying LEAN and faster customer deliveries are just few examples of requirements and problem-solving that Cervino can assist you with. It is very important to build systems that enables planning and management of these flows, as well as getting the information systems to collaborate across the value chain. Cervino has a broad experience in developing these flows throughout the whole supply chain process, for companies working with manufacturing.

Cervino has got talents managing matters regarding; procurement and logistics, mapping of procurement strategies and logistic functions to find areas of development to reduce cost, making deliveries more efficient in order to release capital from stock and production.

Examples of common tasks within these assignments are to prepare negotiations, manage the purchase assortment range, improve the purchasing procedures and give support when implementing purchasing systems. Examples for the logistic side could be to map material flows, manage distribution flows, to shorten lead times in production, to reduce capital tied up in inventory and production as well as to implement forecasting tools and methods.


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